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False Favourites

I swore to myself a while ago that I would never pay for a racing e-book unless I had it recommended to me by someone I knew and trusted. So when a good friend of mine suggested I get the false favourites ebook I thought  I would give it a look and a full review on the site following a series of testing which I’ve done succesfully over the last month.

First off, this is definitely NOT a get-rich scheme or your run of the mill e-book. It is more of a detailed instruction manual/course that takes you through a surprisingly common-sense approach to identify weak favourites in races that you can lay on Betfair but it is so much more than that. After reading, it takes a little while to get used to the principals outlined but then becomes fairly easy each day with practice to get into a routine to identify ‘false favourites’. It is written in a very straightforward, detailed yet clear style by Jonathan Burgess who is a Betfair Accredited Trainer at the Betfair Academy so he knows his stuff and from the email conversations I have had with him he is a genuine bloke.

Upon receiving a copy I took the pdf to the printers and had a hardcopy made and bound in black and white as at 232 pages in length I felt it would be easier to read and less strain on the eyes than staring at the screen all the time and so it has proven very useful as an easy reference next to my PC.

The Ebook itself is just £26.99, which I recouped after the first 2 lays I placed using the methods in the manual. In fact I have managed so far 19/22 lays using the book and you may have seen a few of these already posted up on the site. I will be trialling the lay selections over the next month and recording ongoing P&L in the forum.

The ebook itself consists of the following –:

Book1 – Laying favourites in National Hunt racing
Book2 – Laying favourites in Flat racing
Bonus1 – How to identify and capitalize on drifting favourites
Bonus2 – Avoid the 10 deadliest mistakes 95% of punters make
Bonus3 – Access to the newsletter
Bonus4 – 1 month FREE subscription to the Betting School Insiders Report.

Here is the detailed review of the false favourites ebook which I am working on automating a laying strategy with. It’s a very good educational guide and talks you through the things to look for when identifying false favourites to lay so take a look at the review below and pick up a copy here.

The first few pages start with an Introduction, how to use the manual and details on opening a Betfair account.

The next dozen or so pages or so are a bonus ebook which goes into detail about the “10 Deadly Mistakes 95% Of All Punters Make”. This goes into a fair bit of detail but to summarise consists of Having a plan,patience, consistency, greed, discipline, laziness, learning from mistakes, betting banks, emotion and taking time out.

Some of these sound very obvious and plain old common-sense and I didn’t think I could learn much from this, but I was wrong. Not only did they re-affirm some of my own golden rules that I had forgotten or neglected but I learnt a few new things about my strategies and approach to betting in general that I should/could have been doing better so I made a few corrections and adjustments. It was a nice bonus section.

Book 1 concentrates on laying favourites in National Hunt Racing and consists of the following parts.

Part 1 – This kicks off with the many reasons why favourites lose
Part 2 – This gives a guide to the various screens on Betfair and how to lay etc
Part 3 – Talks about information research and lay factors
Part 4 – Gives a thorough guide to the features of the new Racing Post site and the features to use to identify false favourites. This is a better guide to using the Racing Post than you get in the help pages on the Racing Post site itself(!) explaining each feature and functionality.
Part 5 – Talks through the structure of National Hunt racing
Part 6 – Explains the Race Selection Method
Part 7 – The All Important Major Lay Factors
Part 8 – The Bigger Picture, Minor Lay Factors
Part 9 – Identifying horses to beat the favourite
Part 10 – Combining all the information
Part 11 – Race examples
Part 12 – The best time to place lay bets

Parts 6 is where Book1 really gets going explaining what types of race to avoid along with how to identify the target races for looking for lays. It also includes detailed statistics on favourites at every National Hunt course in chase and hurdle races.

Part7 discusses in detail what major and minor factors to take into consideration when contemplating a lay including class, course, distance, going, weight, fitness etc.

Part8 – Looks at the big picture including some minor lay factors while part 9 helps in identifying horses to beat the favourite.

Part 10 goes through how to combine all the information including a very handy table that can be used to print out and analyse the various factors to arrive at a confident lay selection.

Part 11 has various race examples to study which is very useful and part 12 looks at the best time to place lay bets to maximize profits.

Some lay factors that are discussed are unique to the False favourites e-book and fully explained in the examples section.

That completes Book 1 which is 116 pages in length. This may sound a little daunting but does include a few pages of charts and graphs. However, it does take a while to read and fully comprehend the methods. Once you’ve made the initial effort though it’s fairly easy to condense it into a easy, workable daily method to identify false favourites.

I won’t bother with the Book2 review which is contained in the remainder of the ebook as the sections/parts are pretty much similar to the above but obviously unique to the flat and all-weather as opposed to National Hunt but look out for selections that I will put up using the book over the next month in the forum.





False Favourites

False FavouritesThere seems to have been an explosion of laying systems over the last few months. They are appearing everywhere and new ones are being churned out on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most of them are useless rubbish, written by some half-wit with only one intention - to pull in money from the unsuspecting punter using nothing more than a snazzy website and wild claims of life changing wealth and riches in the space of a month. Some of them will have just three rules, some will have fifteen, but the majority of the ones we come across fall well short of the mark.

A lot of people believe that laying is an easy game, after all how difficult can it be to find a loser, right? Wrong! Laying is a very, very difficult game and there aren’t many systems that produce the goods consistently. It is a game fraught with dangers, that 12/1 outsider (that you’ve had to lay at nearer to 16/1) who doesn’t have a chance, but somehow gets up on the line and takes with it all of your previous profit and then some. And it will happen much more than you think!

It’s not all doom and gloom, however, because there is a way to make a decent living from laying horses - especially if you concentrate on low priced favourites. There is only one way to do this successfully and that is to do your homework! It is definitely possible to make a comfortable living from laying favourites, in fact that’s where the majority of my betting income comes from, but you must know what you are doing and, unfortunately, there are no real short-cuts.

So, the best way to learn how to do this successfully is to listen to someone who has been there, done that and worn the T-Shirt. In my opinion, one of the best laying courses available on the Internet today is (it is actually a PDF doc. but at 216 pages, it’s essentially a course). It’s written by a Betfar Accredited Trainer, Jonathan Burgess, and it’s clear from the start that this is someone who knows what he’s talking about.

Right from the word go, Jonathan makes sure you are aware this is no walk in the park, you won’t retire overnight, in fact the results on Jonathan’s website show he is making around 10-15 points profit per month, not an outrageous claim by any means. So with £50 stakes you’d be profiting by £500 - £750, £100 stakes you’d be banking £1000 - £1500 a month. I think this is one of the reasons I really admire Jonathan, he is totally upfront, he won’t insult your intelligence with ridiculous claims and hype. What he is offering you is the chance to learn how to make a consistent and relatively safe income by betting on horses to lose.

False Favourites is split into two books, the first deals with all the ins and outs of National Hunt racing, starting at the basics of opening your Betfair account, discussing why favourites lose and taking you step by step right the way through to the selection method. And this isn’t just a page of how to choose your selection, this is 30 pages of the most useful ‘how to’ I have read in a long, long time! The selection process is then followed up with 20 pages of examples to help you understand exactly how Jonathan makes his picks.

The second book deals with laying on the Flat and is just as detailed as book one, providing you with a wealth of information and numerous examples to ensure that you fully understand the methodology and theory behind it all.

Now, I know this isn’t going to make pleasant reading for those of you who are searching for a “get rich quick” solution, but here at OBE we aim to bring the best of products to your attention, not the ones that make unrealistic claims and fail to deliver, and I would defy anyone to pay the £19.99 for this fantastic product and not to be absolutely delighted with it.

It really is that good.

You know, we’ve said this before on here lately, but something that’s really surprised us since starting this website is the number of quality products we’ve had the opportunity to review. Sure, we’ve seen a few BAD ones too, but on the whole we’ve really been very impressed with most of the products we’ve written about. False Favourites is one of the best - you’ll love it!

Until next time,

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John April 13th, 2008 7:46 am

Hi John,

All you would need for this is access to the online version of the Racing Post or one of the other UK form guides. This isn’t a system in the traditional sense - Jon is an accredited betfiar trainer and his guide teaches you how to find weak looking favourites, horses with weak profiles.

It’s the kind of information you can take away and use for life, rather than something that’s only likely to work in the short-term. It’s really very good.


James T. on April 14th, 2008 5:34 am

I purchased False-Favourites yesterday. It’s got some of the best info I’ve seen. It’s 5.30 in the morning and I haven’t been able to put it down :)


Jim Evans on April 20th, 2008 5:46 am

I’ve had some cracking results from this lately. What I’ve found is that it doesn’t only point you in the direction of runners to lose: it also helps you to find weaknesses in runners you might have been thinking about backing. That’s proved very useful for me.


Chloe on April 23rd, 2008 10:15 pm

I have never seen so much information for such a small payment. In fact I’m amazed at what Jonathan has put together.

My husband is normally a sceptical man but after reading it he got straight to work finding weak favourites. 12 bets later and he’s managed 10 successful bets with 2 winners both coming in at 6/4, I think he might be converted :)


Hi Jonathan,

I would just like to thank you for your system and tell you that I think it is very good, not like many I have bought over the years. I have only been paper trading up to now but haven't had a winning fav yet out of 9 highlighted fav all have lost these include, Sandown 2-40 Newton Bridge, Leicester 3-25 Et maintanet, 4-35 Muttley Magwire, Wincanton 3-25 Aberdeen Park and Carlisle 3-45 Carry Duff.

Thanks again for system you must have put a lot of time and effort into producing it and it is good too know that all system sellers aren't rip off merchants. I hope to start laying with money soon once I am a little more familiar with the selection method.

Regards Richard Borrowdale.


Hi Jonathan,

Still winning with 'false favourites' what an excellent guide..I have gone through some of my old lay systems with the similar criteria to false favourites..lets just say it becomes clear why a lot of them fail......basically no form study what’s so ever...ok enough rambling on to the testimonial..

I thought you deserved a testimonial for a very well written profitable lay course 'false favourites' my first week of use returned 6 out of 6 bets all short price favourites..I have learned more from this one guide than all the others put together..also very prompt replies to e-mails which is always a bonus for me...I would have no hesitation in recommending 'false favourites' to anyone looking for a second income or even a first income should ones bank permit....

Many Thanks Dave L Warwickshire




Kind regards Jonathan Burgess



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