Before you take a look at the FAQ`s about False Favourites, system/method; in Section 2 below - we feel it is important you read about some of the common mistakes people make when buying racing systems online. At least then you can make an informed decision based on important but often over looked essentials.

Section 1:

Here are 3 Essentials Factors you should think about very carefully before purchasing the latest " Hyped up Over Marketed Racing Systems"

1.  Information Overload - In the online betting arena, something new and supposedly ground breaking comes out almost every week. You'll never be able to keep up, and you'll go mad trying.

It's a never ending cycle.

To be successful, you need to follow one or two systems/methods that are proven to work and stick with them, filtering out everything else.

Don't let emails about the latest and greatest system become another distraction...

If it sounds to good to be true it is, no if no buts - it`s mega hype!

Here at False-favourites we`ll neither sell or promote such junk. Instead our system/method contains a real workable, honest, factual method to make consistent money from laying weak favourites. We also give quality free advice about laying and betting in general in our newsletters. We only ever promote anybody else's system when we genuinely know that it is profitable.

2.  Money - Let's get one thing straight, you are trying to make money through betting, not waste it on a system/product that is in reality just some under researched idea with a marketing campaign attached to it.

Most of these systems are not cheap. Ask yourself, 'Is this purchase necessary to become successful at betting?'

No, it is not even close to being required..

I consider myself successful, and I haven't even seen half the systems around today, having said that I do get sent copies of the most hyped ones for FREE, and I`m telling you for a fact a very large percentage of them are quite frankly junk,

Most of them...

Don`t work

Won`t teach much at all about racing and betting, apart from very obvious advice which is mostly free on the internet.

Will lose you a ton of money, especially those laying systems that recommend laying at the wrong side of the odds spectrum - (Way to large, such as 6.00 and above on betfair)

Claim you will be operating like a bookie, and in every 10 runner race you have 9 other horses running for you. This is total BS. In most races there are only a few horses capable of winning, usually there are only between 1 - 3 in with a real chance.

Will leave you disappointed and disillusioned with online betting

Most marketing adds for these systems will spin in such a way that makes it seem like you will fail if you don't grab a copy a.s.a.p, but it's just a load of hype to get you to buy. Cliches such as...

"Only the next 50 punters will be able to get this at Just $67

"Who else wants to make $1000 a week for only 10 minutes work a day" - (Complete fallacy)

"Ex-bookie shows you how to clear $75,000 a year on the betting exchanges"

Loopholes - Secrets - Inside Info, and all manner of other nonsense.

Guess what? There are no loopholes, no secrets or inside info, just plain old fashioned study and application combined with being prepared to meet betting opportunities as they arise. And of course obtaining value on every bet is absolutely essential.

3. Are you really ready - I hate to say it, but the truth is that a majority of the punters buying the latest and greatest racing system aren't prepared to learn what's really needed to become successful. Following a few static rules in a system won`t bring you consistent profits.

You need more than just a racing system to become consistently profitable when betting on horses. A betting system is just one element to becoming successful..

If your not prepared to learn the overall dynamics of successfully punting, then a system alone is a total waste of your time and money. Unlike most other systems False-Favourites teaches you about...

  • The psychology of professional punting and what's required to win
  • Various methods to profit from weak favourites
  • How to understand the betting exchanges properly, not some obvious Betfair info you`ve read dozens of times before
  • How to read race form properly - not just some basic interpretation of the racing post Postdata table, which alone is useless
  • How to avoid the 10 deadly mistakes 95% of all punters make. These mistakes stop them from winning consistently. Don't follow the herd - Why copy everyone else - doing so will only lead to the same poor results.

And so much more besides

I hope my points have hit home with you. I know how powerful the urge is to go out and buy "The latest and greatest products" After all, these guys are master marketers, they know how to get
the sale.

But, I want you to think twice before making a purchase like this.

You may just find that buying the" Latest and Greatest Hyped up System" can wait and that you should be focusing on something more important.

Obtaining the right information is profitable if used patiently with a willingness to learn - Conversely the wrong information is a financial disaster waiting to happen. Don't buy fools gold!

So please choose your advisers carefully! The above information is not some ploy to sell you anything, but hard facts. There are a lot of very unsavoury marketers out there on the internet trying to sell FOOLS GOLD. So next time you detect the tone of latest and greatest never seen before MIRACLE SYSTEM treat it with the contempt it deserves, and ignore these BULLSHITERS other wise it will only cost you money in the long run.


Section 2: False - Favourites System FAQ`s

In this section we will be looking at some of the most frequently asked questions about False-Favourites laying system. It should go a long way to address any concerns and help you make an informed decision.

We would really appreciate it if you took the time to read the FAQ`s carefully before contacting us. Often you will find the answer to your question listed in this section.

Do I need to sit at the computer all day following prices just before the start of the races?

No! You can pick your selection the night before, or on the morning of the race. However you should keep an eye on the market throughout the day to see if there are any non runners, especially those that are the favourites main rivals. The system will take between 1 to 1-1/2 hours a day to operate initially. Once you get used to it, it will take you about 40 min's and become instinctive to implement.

I am constantly striving to make the selection process quicker with new updates, which every user will receive totally FREE of charge.

I know there are dozens of systems that claim to take only 10 minutes to operate a day. Ask your self this very important question "How much faith will you have in your selections? Ultimately it`s your money, look after it as much as possible by gathering the right information before laying any horse. This will give you much more faith and belief in your betting over the long term, which ultimately means you will be more profitable.


Q. Does False-Favourites contain advice/help only or is there some methodology (system) to help pick winners?

A. False favourites has rules like any other system. But the main difference is there are certain races in both the FLAT and NATIONAL HUNT codes that we ignore most of the time, because they are risky.

Also the system advises and clearly shows you which are the best races to select losing favourites in. This is borne out of years of statistics and testing. Some courses and certain races are bad for laying favs in. So there is one set of rules for the flat and one for the jumps, and a page for each which sums up your Daily strategy.

The system puts you in the area of the races we are looking for, and you end up with sometimes 3 or 6 races to look at in more detail.

Q. Is your false favourites system mechanical, E.G. would I get the exact selections as yourself or could there be a variation?

A. In an ideal world yes, but unfortunately laying systems that pick exactly the same selections for every user, are just not realistic and use very simplistic methods to find selections, which sounds ideal, but unfortunately picking horses based around a few flimsy static rules will not make consistent profits in the long run. Most fail to even take into consideration basic form essentials and ignore the statistics completely, they are very misleading.

Everybody laying the same horse is herd mentality just the same as everyone backing the same horse. Think about it for a minute hundreds of system users all laying exactly the same selection what happens to the odds on that horse? It drifts very badly and the value is completely destroyed on that horse or any like it in the long term.

You are learning a skill which you can use for life, which is ultimately more profitable.

Both the Flat and Jumps systems have a set or core rules to follow - Your laying strategy is clearly defined, so you know exactly what to do!

If you don't check anything else about a horse other than its 3rd in a handicap or other such nonsense you will lose money long term.

Laying selections in this manner means employing the scattergun approach, which eventually leads to playing catch up, chasing loses most weeks. Don't forget Betfair odds are generally bigger than the bookies. Laying bigger prices on the exchanges will seriously dent your betting bank in the end – guaranteed

The most important factor as to whether your betting is profitable or not long term is price - Price is King . If you are always laying or backing horses at the wrong odds (laying higher and backing lower) you will lose – It’s like buying stocks and shares. Would you buy shares in company for £2 and then try and sell those shares for £1.50? - If you did that on a regularly you will go broke.

You can't lay, or even back horses for that matter based around a few flimsy facts...

For example it only has 4 tips, or by applying some ridiculous math's formula to find selections. Believe me I have tested tons of systems that use these quick fix methods and the ones that only take 5 minutes a day to choose selections just don't work long term.




Races don't always fit into nice little boxes that you can apply a paint by numbers style formula too. Again this is where false favourites will learn you more about the sport, which ultimately will give you a massive edge over the ridiculous 5 minute miracle systems that promise to make you rich without knowing a single thing about racing or betting.

If there is an obvious lay to be found among the days racing then you will find the same selections as us. The rules and information in false-favourites are designed to place you in the right area where favourites are ripe for laying, so often you could choose any of your short listed selections and find a loser. The long term statistics bear this out.

We teach to have the patience to learn a skill properly - build your profits gradually, and only increase your stakes once you have gained confidence in your ability and reached a higher level of skill. One thing we never advise is to use a PROGRESSIVE STAKING PLAN on paper they look great, but in reality they are very dangerous and can wipe out your betting bank in one bad losing run.

The problem is most punters don't have the nerve to continue betting on selections increasing the stakes each time they hit a loser, this type of betting can spiral way out of control and the odds are completely against you before you begin, no matter what the HYPESTERS are saying. Imagine starting the day placing £10 bets and then 4 bets later finding yourself using £400 stakes just to win back your original £10.

Q. How do I pick final selections each day? (In the 2009/2010 edition of false favourites We advise you to lay several saver selections, which increase`s profits even more) Having said that It depends on each days racing, but on average there will between 2 - 5 lays a day. This should generate around 5 to 7 points profit a week.

A. Each day you will gather a shortlist of potential selections then apply the rules of the system which effectively identify the primary lays of the day.

There are pages of examples for you to study of actual favourites I layed successfully within the book. Each example goes into great detail of why I layed a certain favourite and there are screen shots taken from the RacingPost.com for you to follow as well, everything is clearly explained in easy to understand way. We want to teach you have faith in your own ability, rest assured you definately won`t be following the herd.

In order to become a profitable punter you have to do the complete opposite to the masse`s.

Besides those systems that lay at risky odds often leave your betting bank decimated because the advise very bad value lays, often up to 9/1 and above.

It`s a case of 15 steps forward 20 backwards. Emotional balance is one of the key ingredients to betting successfully long term. The scattergun approach works for a few weeks untill you hit a few losers at the wrong odds this is what generally wipes most people out.

Q. On average, for every pound I risk using this system, what would my return be?

A. Returns from lay betting are all based on your own financial circumstances .E.G. how big your betting bank is. A lot of punters especially newbie's seem to think that lay betting is the road to instant wealth, if only. It is far better to concentrate on learning the techniques within the system properly first. Too much attachment to money at first is no good  and most who try to do it that way fail. Gradually, steadily and planned is the only way.

Start off small, and bet with money you won, not money transferred from your credit card.

The best way to start laying horses is with a small betting bank, and as your experience and confidence grows so will the profits, which will be made up of money you have won and not deposited from your bank account or credit card.

The advantages of this approach are...

  • Betting with winnings will allow you to relax more. Using money you have won is far less emotional than betting with money deposited from your bank account.

  • Using a small betting bank has the distinct advantage that if at first you aren’t getting it right the stakes are very manageable. Loses are far easier to deal with emotionally when betting with smaller amounts.

Be patient and you will succeed. At first try to view the whole method as having no money attached to it. This will allow you to solely concentrate on the selection process, which ultimately will make you "far more money £ £" once you are getting it right. Don’t try to run before you can walk.  In order for you to become profitable you must concentrate on getting it right first, before you attach big sums of money to your bets.

Q. I've just bought your system - where do I download it, please?

A. Once payment is complete you will be transferred instantly to the another web page from where you will be able to download your copy of False-Favourites instantly even if its 2am in the morning. False-favourites is in (PDF format), which is read using adobe acrobat. Most computers have it installed, if you don't it can be obtained totally free from adobe.com.

Q. I having problems opening the pdf document what should I do?

It is very rare that you won`t be able to open the ebook document, however it can happen. The reason for this is because you may have a old version of adobe acrobat installed on your computer. All you need to do is simply visit adobe.com or adobe.co.uk and download the latest version of acrobat reader, which is TOTALY FREE!

If you are still experiencing problems after following the above solutions contact me a.s.a.p. at >>>


Pass word solutions

Q. I am having a problem with  the password  I have only managed to get in a couple of times, the rest of the time it keeps saying incorrect password , it says check to make sure your cap lock is not on, but my cap lock is not on. Can you help me please.

A. The password is a security feature to help prevent illegal copying of the system. Your individual password is case sensitive. It will work forever with your copy of the system, however if you type the password incorrect three times or more, you will be locked out. Don't panic there is a simple procedure to allow you access again, simply close your PDF file and then re-open it making sure to type the password slowly and carefully.

I purchased your system recently... and have it on my pc in pdf format ...however when I open the document it ask`s for a password. I can`t remember the password, can you help.

When you purchase the system an access password will be issued, you will need to input that pass word every time you open the PDF.

Please note

If you forget or lose your personal pass word I can issue another, the only thing I ask in return is that you provide me with your original purchase details, such as - Paypal or Clickbank reference numbers via email.

I advise all my customers to print a copy of the eBook out as it is definitely easier to use that way because it can be read anywhere, if you print on both sides of your A4 it will reduce the file size. You can even print out a section at a time and learn that way, in fact that is the best way to internalise any information not just false favourites.

Q. I reside outside of the UK and am not in a position to place my lay bets minutes before the off due to the time difference. I live in Australia?

A. As a general rule its ok to lay favourites the night before the races to suite your individual time zone and.....

Quite often I lay favourites early on in the day because some selections the system identifies tend to drift out as the day progress's due to the punting masses laying them as well. We can often get much lower odds early morning than before the off, it all really depends on the market and and which type of favourite we are laying. Everything is clearly explained in the FREE guide "DRIFTING FAVOURITES" that accompanies  false-favourites. It will teach you which favourites you should lay early in the day and which ones to lay before the off.

Q. I Work full-time and no betting site access is allowed. In the sales letter you mention downloading some software for mobile phone access to Betfair. Please can you provide further information?

To use Betfair on your mobile phone - Visit http://mobile.betfair.com/main/index.jsp, they provide everything you need to get started. Its not complicated but best to read all the info first. Everything you need is there, including...

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Keep on betting wherever you are
  • Getting started with Betfair mobile
  • Troubleshooting
  • Compatibility guide
  • All the benefits of of Betfair - Including in-play betting

If you do work in the day don`t worry, there are also plenty of other options available to get your bets on...

  1. Bet on Saturdays, implementing early morning race analysis so it dosn`t interrupt the rest of the day. Saturday are very competitive making them ideal lay territory.
  2. Analyze races on the Racing Post web site the night before, and lay early morning before going to work.
  3. Just bet on the evening races, there is generally 2 to 3 a day for around 4 months of the flat season.

Contrary to popular belief " You don't have to bet everyday to make regular profits" In fact the best results are obtained by betting only when suitable opportunities arise. Betting for the sake of it, or regretting not having a bet is a losing mentality there is racing 7 days a week in the UK. You can base your betting around your own personal circumstances. Having patience really does pay dividends in the long run.

Far too many punters have totally unrealistic expectations from their betting activities and expect to win tons of cash placing a few lucky bets, or by simply laying everything. It`s no surprise really why they lose most of the time - "Impatience" is one of the 10 deadly betting sins.

Like anything else in life that's worth doing It`s best to take your time and understand everything first. Paper trade once you have consistency in picking loser s then move onto small stakes

The number one enemy of new punters is Miss-information there are many other reasons as well, most of which also belong in the Miss-information category. Below are some of the more obvious ones...


  • Using over hyped over priced junk systems, that advise placing bad value bets based around flimsy rules.
  • Following dangerous staking plans such as stop at a winner and other suicidal progressive junk.
  • Unwillingness to learn about the sport and the dynamics of professional investing on horses.
  • Virtually no patience flip flopping from one thing to another without giving anything a proper try.
  • Unrealistic expectations from their betting activities.
  • Betting on too many different types of races randomly knowing very little about any one  type in particular.
  • Betting on too many different types of sport. Better to be MASTER OF ONE than JACK OF NONE.


A lot of the so called Miracle Systems fail because the core rules are wrong to start with. Most of these systems are created around static rules and then back fitted which makes the results look outstanding.

Back fitting involves making a systems rules fit past results. Although statistics play a big part in racing they are often misinterpreted and any system created this way will fail at some point during implementation.

Systems regularly fail because punters don`t have the courage to carry on betting when (inevitable losing runs) come along. This is why people need to understand and then implement the core principles of what makes a successfully punter, which boils down to many factors - good money management being paramount in the scheme of things, without which betting banks can be decimated when a sequence of losers is struck, especially if laying at the wrong odds - (Too Big)

Systems can fail because they are tedious to implement. Therefore it may not be the system at fault but rather the punter, - i.e. they give up when things aren`t going as expected! There are also certain kinds of systems that just don`t work, generally by the time punters find this out their betting banks have taken a serious battering.

All systems are based around a certain criteria being met before a selection becomes a bet. Punters get fed up waiting for potential selections and eventually start to place the wrong kinds of bets; stupid unplanned bets with no real logic to them, all discipline goes out of the window and bad habits come creeping back in, this in turn leads to lack of confidence and again their betting bank takes a battering


Here's to your success

Jonathan Burgess



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